It stays with you.  A well-crafted story with a lasting moral message stays with you. Always. 

For me it was, “The Three Little Pigs.” It had a huge impact on me at an early age and colored my preference for good tales with an abiding message. 

We all have a story - told at a party, around a campfire, on a Monday morning after a long weekend.  We tell it for one reason: to be heard.  Our voice.  Our take on it.  Our individual perspective that differs from everybody else's.

I have my story.  It might be similar to yours but  it stands alone because it is mine.  Unique to me.  My story involves family, laughter, joy, disappointment, sadness, fulfillment, failure and success.  

I want to hear your story.  

I want to be a co-narrator in writing your work.  It could be a dissertation, a paper, a memoir, an essay, an article, a client memo, or a portfolio.  You need it sharper, clearer, funnier?  I can edit it.  You can drive home your point with no ambiguity - unless that's what you're after!

For over 20 years I've been a writer.  Writing articles, newsletters, blogs, academic programs, books.   It's been varied, expansive and invigorating.  I want to bring the same vigor and freshness to all your writing needs.

There's a line from the hit Broadway musical, Hamiltonthat says,

"...Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?"  

I want to tell your story.  Let's co-create your narrative.  Whatever it may be.